1. What apology?

    What apology?

  2. Halma Bravo - Love Is A Sickness

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  4. The Philanderer’s Key, originally released in 2009, was my attempt at making progressive music. At the time it seemed like a massive extravagance. Not only was the album full of instrumental music, it was also largely electronic. But it had been a long-held ambition of mine. I never expected it to be popular and that’s the way things went. About the title I wrote at the time:

    “I don’t mean to condone philandering. For me it contains a strange contradiction. On the one hand a philanderer is someone we would all like to be. But he’s also a hate figure. During the making of this album I watched movies (Fellini’s Casanova), read books (Søren Kierkegaard’s Diary of a Seducer) and watched plays (Christopher Hampton’s Dangerous Liaisons). In the end I decided that what we are talking here is not the action itself but a musical concept.”

    One of a few people who actually listened to the album was Thomas Fernier. He wrote: “This album sounds more minimal than the previous ones. There is something tiny about it. I don’t mean in a negative sense. I feel I’m in a small world when I listen to it, small and comfortable! And many small things happen along the way. Comparisons are always tricky but the mood of the Philanderer’s Key reminds me of another great band, Japanese electro pop pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra, probably due to the fact that it is very much electronic music performed with a similar feeling of melancholia and playfulness.”

    “Out of all the tracks on The Philanderer’s Key I’m especially fond of Voices, Love Is a Sickness and The Gift, the last one I guess being the hit track! The only complaint I could make is that now and again I’m under the impression that I can hear the virtual nature of the sound samples and the fact that you used keyboard plug-ins instead of real synthesizers. Sometimes I mind, sometimes I don’t. But I really like your drum sounds. I can feel the space around them, while some keyboard sounds seem to lack that quality.”

  5. Alternative CD cover for A Bridge Too Far. After John Walker, Labyrinth III. 

    Alternative CD cover for A Bridge Too Far. After John Walker, Labyrinth III

  6. Because we are nothing special - on par with ants and daffodils - it is the work of culture to make us feel special; just as parents need to make their children feel special to help them bear and bear with - and hopefully enjoy - their insignificance in the larger scheme of things.

    — Adam  Phillips - Missing Out (2012)

  7. Simon’s playing the C major chord on his electric guitar.

    Simon’s playing the C major chord on his electric guitar.

  8. back of CD

    back of CD

  9. Halma Bravo - Long Ago